Thursday, March 01, 2007

One Last Time around. . . Stop Number 1

So this is the beginning of the ending. As many of you know, A Band Named Sue will shift forms from the regular gigging trio to a possible one weekend a month gigging machine with a Wegrzyn special delivery. We are still in negotiations!
Anyway, We started our ending at the wonderful NXNW Brewery right here in the great city of Austin, Texas. We have one more show this Friday at the Brewery and then we are on hiatus until we can figure out phase two.
We had a great show at the brewery. I had a very good Friend, Adym Roy, come over from Houston to sit in with us on the guitar. Adym and I survived college in Nacogdoches, Texas together. He was always the established and learned musician, while I was putting drum sticks in my hands for the first time. It's always fun to come full circle with your musician friends and being able to share the stage. We really enjoyed Adym's contribution to the songs and I'm sure that he will be invited back for a second round.
The wonderfully talented Grisel came up for the second set to offer some vocal support. Then later in the night, Mike was nice enough to sit in on the drums and sing Cocaine Blues and Deliah.
We also had the amazing opportunity to meet our biggest fan, Miss Sarah. Sarah came to the show with her father and brother Brian. She actually asked us for our autographs and we gave her and her brother signed CDs. It's an amazing feeling when someone asks for your autograph and it doesn't involve closing on a house!
The show was great and we want to thank everyone for coming out the Brewery. I'll post more on the Hanover's show and our last night at the cat later this week.
Jonathan, Andy and James

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Band Named Sue Makes The Big Return

Okay, if you are a musician in this town you know that this can be a pretty tough place to work your craft. There is a lot of competition around and then you have this underlining pressure because we live in the "Live Music Capital of the World". Now don't get me wrong, I love the competition factor. I love that you can go out on a Sunday night and see a great band play. I love that there are so many venues for live music . . . hell I just love this town, it would take a lot for me to move away from Austin, and a lot more to move out of the great state of Texas.

There are a few opportunities that come to you as a musician. When I had my own band, Pleasurecraft, it was playing at the Saxon Pup. Then with A Band Named Sue, it was opening up for MO at La Zona Rosa. There aren't too many bands that ever get that opportunity. Then when Andy asked us if we wanted to play a benefit at the Continental Club, we jumped on it, because there are so many legends that have graced that stage. A Band Named Sue has only been around for a little over a year and we have played some killer shows and have been rewarded handsomely, not just monetarily, but also from the continued support of our fan base and the new fans that we find each time that we play.

So when I saw an e-mail from Andy that the OWNER of The Continental Club asked us to cover a Saturday happy hour show, I got that warm feeling inside that this was going to be a great show and a great opportunity . . . . and you know what? IT WAS. I think that our show last weekend ranked in the top 5 all time shows right up there next to the show at La Zona Rosa.

We really want to thank The Continental Club staff for everything that they did for us. We really appreciated Jamie the sound guy for making us sound good and making sure that the levels were good on both sides of the lights. The bar staff was great and to have them take time to pass our tip jar around, just makes us appreciated them that much more. The crowd was great and think that we really put on a great show and gained some new fans. We are really hoping to play this show again, whether it's the Saturday happy hour slot or band three on a Monday evening.

I guess now all we need to do is play The Back Yard, Stubbs, Austin Music Hall and The Erwin Center and the circle will be completed.

Thanks again to all the fans that made it out to the show. We look forward to seeing everyone of you again soon. We are ramping up for the holidays, so remember that if you or your company are having a company party this seasons and you want something completely different, why not have A Band Named Sue be the entertainment. We are set to play anything from a small house party to the state capital rotunda. It's just that easy, give us a call.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Those Fighting Texas Longhorns, Road Trips and The Corner Bar in Big D

The whole thing started really early, and when I say really early, I mean REALLY EARLY. For me the day started at 5:40, then at 6:00 I was picking up our roady, Seamus Gallivan. Then we headed over to Andy's to take off for Dallas as close to 7:00 as we could.

The first stop . . . Rudy's BBQ for a couple of breakfast tacos then we hit the I35 Corridor and we didn't stop till we go to the corner, The Corner Bar in Dallas, Texas.

The staff was getting ready for the big day with the entire front parking area blocked off with barricades they even had a twin axel flat bed farm trailer for a stage. The sun was high, the air was warm, but the beer was cold and after a little "lubrication" we started the show.

The Corner Bar was so good to us and we really enjoyed playing. For me it was worth the trip, just to be in the same town as the game. OU weekend is like my own personal superbowl. It's the only game that Texas has to win each year just to have a good season. We have been handed our hat so many times in the past by OU that these last two victories have just been so vindicating.

The Corner Bar took care of us like any great waterhole would with complimentary food and beverage and we would definitely make the trip back up North to spread the sound of the great Johnny Cash.

Our next show is at NXNW on the 20th and then it's our regular show at the Mean Eyed Cat. Andy and Jonathan will be hosting the show at the Mean Eyed Cat. It will be a special duet between these great musicians. It should be something to see.

Don't forget that A Band Name Sue is always ready to play your private party or corporate event. For something different this holiday season let A Band Named Sue be your entertainment. We are prepared to play all types of parties and venues to some thing quiet between friends at your house or . . . Daryl K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium . . .TEXAS FIGHT!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Band Called . . . What?

It was a red letter day in ABNS history. Our first show at The Continental Club just a hop skip and a jump from downtown Austin. It was a show for the dogs . . . Literally. We were invited by the Heart of Texas Lab Rescue to play for their benefit for the lovely Labrador Retrievers that so desperately need homes here in Austin.

The benefit was hosted at The Continental Club and we were honored to help the organization raise money. But it was also an honor to know that we shared a stage with some of music's greatest legends. So many great acts have graced that stage, it was almost surreal to be up there on the other side of the lights.

The evening got started with The Mother Truckers, who have a revolving Thursday Happy Hour show and then on to a local band called Topaz. Topaz is a great funk band with some serious musicians. I really enjoyed their set. After a quick stage flip we started the show with a little of the old Boom Boom Mancini and then it was on to the Johnny Super hits. The crowd was great and I think the everyone really enjoyed the show.

We really want to thank The Heart of Texas Lab Rescue, The Continental Club and the WAKA team, Booze on First that came out to support the band and the dogs despite an upset on the South 1st diamonds.

Friday, September 01, 2006

A Band Named Sue at the Mean Eyed Cat

Another great show at the Cat last Wednesday. Always a pleasure to play for the great folks and A Band Named Sue fans . . . where was Uncle Lenny? He didn't even call in sick!

It was a nice night of cool Texas August air. I think that the tempurature was down to 89 by the time we started. But after a few Johnny tunes it was nothing but smooth sailing and toe tappin fun.

Grisel Rodriguez stepped up to the mic for the second set. We are looking toward a bright future with Ms. Rodriguez. Her contribution to the show is definetally appreciated.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back to Fado, The Mean Eyed Cat and NXNW

It's been a long time since I've posted anything to the blog so I thought that I should just get down to business. I had these delusions that I was going to do something really special when I got back to blogging for the band, but I just decided to get the info out there and catch everyone up on what's going down.
We've had a hand full of shows since the last post and it all started at NXNW under the big top. Once again, a great show and a hell of a place to see live music, eat great food and drink great locally brewed beers. Our relationship with NXNW continues to grow and we are set up through November.
At the end of July we had our regularly scheduled program at the Mean Eyed Cat, the pseudo home of A Band Named Sue. This is a great gig for us and we really enjoy playing on the back porch of the Mean Eyed Cat, you can almost smell the chain oil from the thousands of saws that were once repaired there before it became one of Austin's favorite watering holes. My Uncle, Karl Musselman, sat in on the electric gitfiddle (guitar) with A Band Named Sue. Karl came all the way from California to showcase his talent in Austin. Actually he was only here on vacation, but I have to twist his arm (NOT) to convince him to lay down some tastey licks with the band.
Only three days later we were back at NXNW on a lovely Saturday evening. And once again we did our best to entertain the masses.
We've got a ton of shows coming up from private parties and Texas Football Tailgates to a possible Dallas premier OU Weekend. So many good things start this time of year. There's ragtag preseason football, the little ones start school and the National Championship Texas Longhorns are getting riled up for another outstanding season of college football.
Don't forget to check out the myspace account at we've been trying to use this space as a way to market the band and to keep the our fans updated on shows. You can always check the calendar section to see where the best Johnny Cash band will be next.
Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back To Work!

After a brief break from entertaining our fans we are back in the saddle. Both Andy and Jonathan ran off to Mexico with their significant others and I took the time off to spend with my little one. A week ago Monday we got together in the garage to remember that we were once a band and after only a few minutes we were back to rockstar status.

Our first show out was last weekend at the NXNW Brewery and as always we had a great time with the great folks that make the giant NXNW wheel turn. The staff at the Brewery is always so gracious and it's really a lot of fun to play in the open air pavilion.

We have a ton of shows scheduled for the next few weeks so if you get a chance, come out to see Austin's PREMIER Johnny Cash Experience!
Upcoming Shows:
  • Wednesday July 26th - Mean Eyed Cat 7:00 - 10:00
  • Saturday July 29th - NXNW Brewery 7:00 - 10:00
  • Friday August 10th - Fado 9:00 - 12:00 (Tentative Date)
  • Saturday August 26th - Shoal Creek Saloon Chill Cook Off - Afternoon Show
  • Wednesday August 30 - Mean Eyed Cat 7:00 - 10:00
  • Thursday September 14th - Fado 9:00- 12:00
  • Tuesday October 12th - Fado 9:00 - 12:00

More dates sure to come!

Remember that A Band Named Sue is available for private parties and corporate events. Be that guy at that company that hires a unique band to add that special atmosphere to your next rhythmic ceremonial ritual!

Check out A Band Named Sue on Myspace!

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Friday, June 09, 2006

4th Street, Fado's, A Dallas Win . . . SHOCKER!

Well kids, A Band Named Sue played it's debut show at Fado in the famous warehouse district. It was a lot of fun to play downtown for a change, there is always so much energy. It was a hub of activity with the rumbling sounds of guitars and drums willowing over the rooftops. At one point I was worried that our sound would be drowned out by the myriad of power chords being wind-milled just over the duct work.

Fado has put the stamp of approval for their new outdoor deck to accommodate the nicotine queens, only the city hasn't put their stamp on the plans. More hot tubs and outdoor showers was Dr. Hoyles vote, but these days it's all ball bearings. So we played on the soon to be back deck on a very nice stage that the bar had set up for us. I have to say that it was pretty nice to have some sort of riser and the club is trying to help the perception that the band should be somewhat elevated from the general audience. I think that Fado has high hopes for their new outdoor digs, maybe when they get it finished we can host the first Deckapalooza!

It was also the first gig that I got to play my new Gretsch Catalina Club white pearl drum set. It was in impulse buy on the way to Costco and when I walked into Guitar Center it called to me, as it has done many times in my dreams. It was an early Father's day present for a new dad and something that I've rocked for many a gig.

The show started just as the sun went down behind the Lavaca Street Bar and we chomped down our food and washed it down with a frosty beverage and hit the stage. Fist up, the ever popular Theme to the Pink Panther followed by our deep cut tribute to the man in black.

The second set showcased the ever popular and talented Ms. Pamela Ryder. From I Still Miss Someone to Soldier Boy it was nothing but SASS! We always enjoy playing with Pam and it's always fun to just wind her up, sit back and let her loose on stage. It's never a dull moment as a spectator or as a participant.

Next up on the schedule is another show at NXNW on Friday the 16th. We are going to run this gig sans Dr. Hoyle as he will be in South Carolina with the Six Pack (his pals from high school) AKA the Glee Club! I think that it will be an interesting performance that might feature the only drum and guitar Johnny Cash duo that you can get in this town for free. It wouldn't be the first time that Andy and I had to carry the show running solo and it might not be the last. It should still be fun. NXNW is a happy hour show and the food is great and the beer just keeps on getting better and better.

Sea Biscuit